Hip-hop superstar 50 Cent recently gave a concert in Tromsø for the Døgnvill festival. During his stay, the rapper took his entourage out for pizza. However, it would prove to be more difficult than he expected.
Rumor has it that the crew showed up at a Dolly Dimple's pizzeria - a Norwegian fast food chain. The manager just saw a bunch of "gang bangers" enter his restaurant. Shaking in his boots, he stopped the crew and announced that the pizza ovens had been switched off for the night. The gang bangers promised free concert tickets if they could just buy a pizza. The manager, still oblivious to who he was talking to, boasted that his company was a sponsor of the festival and his staff had festival passes already. Wanting no trouble, he palmed them off to the city's Burger King, the only restaurant in Tromsø with late opening hours. It wasn't until the restaurant staff picked their jaws up off the floor, that the manager realised who he had just sent packing. 50 Cent had no complaints about his stay in Tromsø, apart from the outrageous Burger King prices. 

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