I've always liked flowers but I never became interested in them until I lived in Norway. I guess its because Australian flowers have always just been there. It was only when I moved to the other side of the world that flowers became fascinating. The colours are exciting, the shapes are curious and I just can't stop photographing them. Flowers are everywhere here - wild and delicate - along the streets, in the woodlands, on the mountains and by the waters. They grow because they want to, free and unbothered by the world. The winters may be long and harsh but the flowers always wake from their slumber to coat the landscape in vibrant colour.

Flower picking is a summertime activity here and wild bouquets often decorate tables, doors and windows. (Whatever happened to flower picking in Oz?) On my birthday last year my niece picked me a bunch of the most beautiful wild flowers. I was very touched by the gesture and Farmor smiled 'Children are always the best flower pickers'.


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