The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line around the top of the earth - 66°33′ north of the equator and only 23.5° from the North Pole! Everywhere within the circle is know as The Arctic. Within the Arctic Circle we get 24 hour sunlight during summer and 24 hour darkness during winter. We enjoy endless summer days and soothing winter nights with rivers of aurora, also know as the Northern Lights. In Norway their is a road that takes you all the way up through the country to the most northern tip of Europe. Along the way you can stop off at the Arctic Circle. It is a very rocky place because it is on top of an old mountain, and there are no trees. But if you are really busting for the loo they have a very touristy Arctic Circle Centre where you can go to the dunny, grab a bite, buy a trinket and watch a flick (of Northern Norway, of course). But there's one thing I love about the Arctic Circle and that's 'leaving your mark'. As there is not much to work with other than rocks, there is only one thing to do - make a rock pile! To show you have arrived, it is the 'in thing' to build a rock castle. However, there have been so many people 'arriving' over the years that all the good rocks have been taken. So what do you do? - borrow from someone else, of course! So the landscape is constantly changing with people moving rocks from one pile to another. However, there are some rock piles that are ever-standing because of their workmanship. But for the rest of us, three rocks balancing on top of each other is enough for a fun photo op.

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