Norwegians love sausages - nearly anything that has meat on it becomes a sausage in Norway. Horse, moose and reindeer can all be found minced, dried and wrapped in plastic. Even though smoking and curing were originally just a way to preserve meat for the long winters, the 'spekepølse' is now a choice deli product. With a modern fusion of flavours such as wild garlic, cheese and red wine, cured meats are used for pizzas, frys, soup, pancakes, sandwiches and appetisers.

You usually find a Norwegian cured meat stall at every street market. We stumbled across one last Autumn in Alta - Rekedal Pølsefabrikk. I was a little shocked at some of the meat products on sale (as you'll see in the video - I tried to play it cool coz Farmor was with us) and only opted to buy a small sample. But since then I've become a big fan of the Norwegian Sausage. Once you've had the real stuff you'll never go back to the store brand! At Christmas we always buy a couple of sticks (more like batons) and Farfar always gets his Elgpølse (Moose Sausage).


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