Norway has a nationwide bottle recycling system to help prevent bottle litter. When buying a bottled drink you not only pay for the drink but also a deposit for the bottle. This means that the shelf price is only for the drink and when you go to the checkout an extra kr 1,- for small bottles or kr 2,5- for large bottles is added to your cost. Don’t be put off by this–if you recycle the bottle you get 100% of your deposit money back. (No interest though!)

At all supermarkets there is a self service recycling machine. Just put in your bottles bottom-first, press the receipt button and collect your refund in ticket form. You can then either by buy something else or get your money back at the register.

It’s satisfying watching your bottles go in–if you peek down the hole you can watch where your bottles go as they are sorted by barcode. (So, don’t scratch off the barcode on your bottle otherwise it will be rejected.) It feels just like a mini ATM–plastic goes in and money comes out!

Door-to-door bottle collecting by charities and youth sporting clubs is common in Norway. You give them your bottles and they do the work of taking them back to the bottle bank to collect the donation. It’s win-win.

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