Norwegians are known for being rather loud. At least when they are outside the state of Norway and in the state of intoxication. Within our own borders we are relatively well-behaved, which is funny since our unarmed police force rarely pose a bigger threat to drunken troublemakers than a night in the holding cell and a fine.

Across the border, in Finland, the police force is a little more, say, liberal in their methods for dealing with agitators. (I do not say this without a sense of “national pride”, as I am half Finnish…)

The story goes:
Two Norwegians from Finnmark went across the border to Finland for a good old-fashioned Finnish style binge. As the weekend progressed, their blood-to-alcohol ratio was moving more in favour of the Koskenkorva. The two Norwegians inevitably started to get a bit rowdy. After some material damage, personal injuries and plenty of obscene behaviour the pair had a rather unpleasant encounter with the Finnish Poliisi.

After taking a good beating the Norwegians were left to sleep it off in a holding cell. The next day the Poliisi escorted them back to the Norwegian border. At this point the troublemakers were extremely well-behaved, having earned a painful respect for the Finnish legal system.

At the national border the Norwegian police was waiting to transport them further. (Apparently they had a few priors back in the old country as well). The exchange was made and the troublemakers were put in the back of the Norwegian police van. Feeling “safe”, the two Norwegians took courage and started to shout, moon and make obscene gestures at the Finnish Poliisi, still standing at the border. Not being allowed to use the same technique as their Finnish colleagues, the Norwegian officers thought of an alternative method to calm down their detainees. They backed the van right up to the borderline, opened the doors and simply booted the hooligans back over the border. The two Norwegians again found themselves at the mercy of the Poliisi, who were keen to reinforce the meaning of “do not insult a public serviceman”.

The troublemakers didn’t say a word for the rest of the trip home… 

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