Komsa Mountain in Alta

Alta city's highpoint is Komsa Mountain. It may not compare in height or size with Bergen's Seven Mountains or Tromsø's Mount Storsteinen, but it has just as much significance to the thriving...

Fairy Forest

It is amazing to visit Tennes in Troms during the autumn - the colours are so vibrant the forests are straight out of a fairyland.

Alta Canyon

This canyon just so happens to b the biggest in Europe!

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Farmor’s Pepperkaker

Farmor doesn't use recipes so it is mighty hard to get any kind of standard from her. For her pepperkaker recipe, she gave me a little sheet of paper with primitive-Norwegian writing (Farmor is...

Advent Song

Advent Season is the Christian "countdown" in celebration of Christmas day. Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, a candle is lit and a hymn or poem is cited. On the following Sunday...

Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is a landmark in Tromsø standing at the end of the bridge on the mainland. Its ‘Cathedral’ status is only a nickname…

Smorstabb Glacier

Traveling over the misty mountains in Oppland, the blue glacier was quiet and unassuming, but still hard to miss.

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Lom Stave Church

Lom is a bustling little tourist town with lots of things to see within walking distance. It was surprising to have everything open on a Sunday!

Senja Fjord

Senja Island and many great views. Even when the weather is moody, the majesty of the mountains are awe-inspiring.

Lavvu Fire

Waiting for the king crab to be briskly cooked over the wood-fire in the lavvu.

On A Dog Sled

It's fun to drive the team, but it is also great to just lay back in the seat and watch the Arctic pass by.

Empty Fjord

View over the Alta fjord in summer. The tide is out, which means you can walk right out into the middle of the fjord.

Trondheim South

From the tower towards Nidaros Cathedral. The Viking city is both beautiful in the sunshine and under the clouds.

Towards Kvaløya

The view from Tromsø island towards Kvaløya in the late summer. (The purple blooms always give the time of year away.)

Water Green

A misty day in Tromsø - the lake on top of the island produced a thick, eery-calm that is had to forget.