Hi, I’m L-Jay, the creator of My Little Norway.

As it’s My Little Norway’s ten year anniversary this month, I’ve decided to give it a makeover. It means I’m replacing all the photos with their larger, better-quality versions, and also updating a lot of the information in blog articles. This will take some time, of course–I have over 1000 posts! But rather than waiting for all the work to be done, I thought I’d release the new version of the blog so you can visit some of the older posts that have been a part of my journey in falling in love with Norway.

Majority of the photos have been taken by yours truly. Early in my photography practice I quickly realised that you didn’t need amazing filters and fang-dangle lenses and flashes and hundreds of settings and special editing techniques to take a magical photo of Norway. All you needed was nature. It has always been my goal to give you honest and simple photography so you can experience Norway in its raw beauty.

I hope you enjoy the real Norway.